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It’s the windy season and nothing causes as much small, yet significant damage like gusty winds in the El Paso, TX area. Here at Pronto Body Shop, we take pride in making sure the insurance companies understand the severity this type of damage causes to any vehicle. The damage can be something so small and minute as a small chip but that can be the thing that ruins your paint job and can make it look horrible. As a successful body shop here in El Paso, Texas we pride ourselves in looking for the small imperfections that may have been caused by the elements and have a successful rapport with insurance companies through our countless insurance claims. We make sure that you are taken care of and that your vehicle is always covered. At Pronto Body Shop, we’ve been in business for over three decades and have a strong relationship with several insurance companies here in the El Paso, Texas area. In other words, we speak their language and we make sure that you are covered at all times. 
When you come to Pronto Body Shop your type of coverage and having to deal with the insurance companies is one less thing you have to worry about. Damage during the April and May months in El Paso, Texas can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle! So, when you think you need to get some advice or your car has suffered enough think of Pronto Body Shop for your auto body needs. Please call us at  915-533-9012 or reach us at www.prontobodyshop.com

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