About Us

What sets up apart in the Auto Collision Industry, is our Employees

Pronto Body Shop

Family Owned and Operated Since 1979

We're a Woman and Minority Owned Auto Body Shop

Being a woman-owned auto shop is significant. We all know the auto industry is primarily dominated by men, which can feel intimidating. The stereotype of not being familiar with cars because you're a woman is a thing of the past! Our business is an example that women are well-versed in vehicles. For anyone who isn't familiar with vehicles, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable asking questions. You might arrive with a huge headache and a million questions but we guarantee you'll leave stress-free and confident.

Our Advice is Always FREE

We Simply Want to Educate People

Our method is to give you the tools necessary to take care of yourself. Even if you have a few questions but you're not ready to have the work done just yet, we'll get you the right information at no cost to you. It's how every business should operate.

About Our Guarantee

We guarantee our craftsmanship with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all repairs. At Pronto Body Shop of El Paso, we are confident that all repairs done to your vehicle are done to your satisfaction. Our technicians work and customer service is second to none.

What Sets Us Apart?

We pride ourselves on advising and educating the customer so they can make the best decision possible for their situation. We realize not all accidents and repairs are the same and the advice you receive should be tailored specifically for you. Our advice is always free and, in the end, if we are not the right fit for your repair needs then that is okay and we will sleep well at night knowing you have been educated to the best of our abilities.

In addition to having the necessary tools for an auto collision center, we provide outstanding customer service. And we don't just say it, we mean it! We realize auto collision repair isn't a joyous moment life so we do everything possible to make it seamless. Providing excellent customer service is just one of the many ways we serve you.

Facts About Pronto Body Shop

  • Best auto collision repair shop in the Southwest.
  • Our top performing team is what sets us apart.
  • We are highly reviewed by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • Being a local auto body shop is important to us. We take pride in serving our community.
  • Even if you're located on the west side of town, we can have your vehicle towed to our shop.
  • Customer reviews are appreciated! We value your feedback.
  • For quotes on any repair service, text, email or come visit us today!
  • We'd be happy to provide you with a free estimate.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all repair services and a five year guarantee on all paint jobs.
  • Our auto body shop specializes in exterior collision repairs.
  • Rates are fully based on the work you need and nothing more.
  • We perform auto restoration on classic vehicles.
  • The Pronto Body Shop technicians are experts in the services we provide.
  • Our saying goes, "We're open 24/7 because accidents don't happen 8 to 5."
  • Being a woman and minority-owned business is important to us especially being in the auto industry.
  • For a dependable auto collision repair shop, look no further than Pronto Body Shop.
  • Our shop is located nearby the Magoffin Home State Historic Site and Southwest University Park.

"We May Not Be the Biggest But We Are the Best!"

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Tiffany Menefee

President and Insurance Advocate

Ms Tiffany Menefee is the president of Pronto Body Shop, Inc. Since taking over Pronto Body Shop in 2015, her focus has been to turn the shop into a boutique auto collision repair facility that serves the greater El Paso area.

Her business goals are focused on customer education and compassion, community involvement and customer service that goes the extra mile. She truly believes that by focusing on those goals Pronto Body Shop will flourish within its industry.

Tiffany is a native of Central Texas where she went to school and started her career in the insurance industry. She has been a licensed Insurance Agent and Adjuster for going on over 20 years and her career in insurance prepared her to help her clients navigate the auto insurance claims process.

Tiffany believes in educating consumers and making them feel comfortable. If they choose to use her business, then that is wonderful. If not, then she has the peace of mind knowing that they have the information they need to make a choice that is right for them.

Tiffany is a family-oriented business owner. She is a firm believer in treating others how she would like to be treated and encourages that belief with her staff, who she sees as family.

Tiffany is an active member in her local business community. She's involved with the El Paso Chamber of Commerce which named her shop its Medium Enterprise of the Year in 2019. She's on the executive board of the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso and an instructor with the Young Marine Program. Tiffany supports multiple local schools through donations and volunteer hours and actively focuses on helping the homeless and underserved in her community.

Guillermo Rojano (Memo)

Master Painter
Memo is our Master Painter with 15+ years of experience in the industry. He loves painting with the high-end paint line, Sikkens, that we offer through AkzoNobel. Memo is quiet and would much rather be behind the spray gun than in the limelight. He's a family man and that comes first but Pronto is definitely his second home.

Martin Cruz

Senior Body Technician
Senior Body Technician Martin is always known for a good laugh and to be the first to say "It wasn't me" when an issue comes up but then he is also the first to say "Okay, let me take care of it". Martin has been working on vehicles and repairing wrecked cars his entire life, starting out in a family run shop. He is our go to tech for sectioning vehicles and classic vehicle repairs.

Paloma Silva

Shop Manager
Ms Paloma is our Shop Manager and Shop Mom all in one. She assists customers through the repair process and when it's an Insurance claim she is right there helping deal with the Insurance Company. She grew up in Juarez and moved across the border when she was 8 years old. After an extended stint in the U.S. Army she rejoined Civilian life and jumped over to the Automotive Industry. She is a proud Mom of 2 kids and she is an integral part of our Pronto Body Shop family.

Javier Hernandez

Master Mechanic
Javier not only is our Master Mechanic but our jack of all trades. When something comes up that another tech can't figure out then Javier is our go to technician. His background as a mechanic for over 30 years helps him when we are having to chase down that weird sound your vehicle is making or figuring out what part is missing that was left at the scene of the accident. His background is steep with Pronto because his father, Javier Hernandez Sr, was the one who originally opened Pronto Body Shop in 1979. So it's easy to say Javier isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Annessa Hernandez

Junior Estimator
Ms. Annessa is our junior most estimator or aka The Youngster. She's already had a year of experience in the auto collision industry. She grew up in the San Elizario area and her first job was at a auto body shop. We were lucky enough to bring her into our Crew and if you have ever seen one of our TikTok's then you have Ms. Annessa to thank for that.

Leo Palacios

Blue Printer & Parts Manager
Leo hails from El Salvador but has called Texas his home since he was a kid. He grew up in the Dallas area but moved to El Paso to be closer to his two adorable boys, so that tells you a lot about how good of a guy he is. He has been in the auto parts industry for over 10 years and we were lucky enough to snag him up because he is one of the key reasons our shop runs smoothly because he keeps everything in order.

Rodolfo Sanchez

Senior Body Technician

Richie Aguilera

Title Prep & Finisher

Giving Back to Our Community is Important to Us

Pronto Body Shop is fully immersed in the community. From representing women-owned businesses at the Central Business Alliance and the El Paso Chamber of Commerce to supporting local non-profits, being active in El Paso is a high priority for our company. Being active in El Paso is both a pleasure and a responsibility that our company holds high. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all of our monthly community events.

Our community involvement to-date includes: