Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Auto Glass

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A well-functioning windshield is crucial when it comes to safely operating your car. Not only does your windshield allow you to navigate your surroundings, but it also protects you in the event of a collision.

Three Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Auto Glass

If you’ve had some trouble with your windshield and think you may be due for an auto glass replacement, here are three signs to look out for:

  1. Unclear view: Windshields typically have a layer of material called polyvinyl butyral applied to them. This material ensures that if the windshield breaks, the glass sticks together and doesn’t fly inward — it also helps the windshield shatter into small pieces rather than large, dangerous chunks. If this thin layer of laminate begins to separate from the outer layers of glass, it can sometimes create a white haze along the perimeter of your windshield.
  2. Obstruction: Sometimes cracks, dents, or chips on your windshield can worsen and distort your visibility. If your windshield is damaged in a way that inhibits your view of the road and makes it difficult to drive safely, it’s a good idea to prioritize investing in auto glass replacement.
  3. Pitting: This type of auto glass damage is usually created by debris on roads and especially highways, which can create small dents along the windshield. Left unresolved, pitting can be dangerous because it causes light to glare and reflect differently and can make it difficult to see while driving.

If you’ve noticed some of these signs and think you may be due for auto glass replacement, reach out to our team at Pronto Body Shop.