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What's holding you back from bringing your car to the shop? A minor repair shouldn't keep your car stuck in park for days. If you need speedy auto repair service, choose Pronto Body Shop in El Paso, TX. Whether you need a bumper replacement or paintless dent repair, you can trust us to fix your car fast. In fact, we can resolve most issues in as little as one day.

For more information about our auto repair services, call us now at 915-533-0912. If you need help after hours, you can reach us at 915-691-9442.

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Taking your car to the shop is often inconvenient-especially if your vehicle is out of commission for several days for minor dings and dents. With Pronto Body Shop, that's not the case. As our name suggests, we can fix your car fast. We even offer same-day bumper replacement and paintless dent repair services at our El Paso, TX shop.

To qualify for same-day service, you must:

Bring your vehicle to our shop first thing in the morning

Give us your insurance information so our in-house specialist can get to work on your claim

Pay for the service upfront

If we're unable to fix your car the same day, don't stress-we'll have your car done as soon as possible.

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Auto Dent Removal Service From a Dependable Body Shop in El Paso


Some Facts About Pronto Body Shop

  • Best dent repair services in the Southwest.
  • Our top performing technicians are what sets us apart.
  • We are highly reviewed by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • As a local auto body shop, we're proud to serve our community.
  • Even if you're located on the west side of town, we'll make accommodations to have your car towed to our centrally-located shop.
  • We appreciate your customer reviews as it allows us to continually better our service.
  • For a free estimate on a paintless dent repair or dent removal, come by our shop. Our rates are based on the work you need to be done, nothing more!
  • We are a woman and minority-owned business.
  • Our company believes in community involvement and we enjoy showcasing other local businesses.

Exclusive Auto Paintless Dent Car Repair Service at Pronto Body Shop in El Paso

A lot of car repair and maintenance shops offer Auto Paintless Dent Car Repair but here at Pronto Body Shop, our delivery is what sets us apart. At Pronto Body Shop, we ensure our auto paintless dent repair service is of high quality as it involves a detailed analysis of vehicles. Our delivery is backed up by careful servicing from our experienced experts.

Auto Paintless Dent Car Repair Service

Auto paintless dent repair refers to the process of removing minor dents from the body of a car. The process is applicable as long as the paint surface is still intact. It's an environmentally-friendly procedure unlike the traditional means; auto paintless dent repair does not employ fillers or sanding. It's an effective method that restores your car to factory appearance and takes less time to finalize.

Auto paintless dent removal usually involves fixing dings, minor creases, dents and damage caused by hail. It's also used to prepare damaged panels for repainting by limiting the use of body filler, a technique that can be used on both aluminum and steel panels. Our auto paintless dent repair technicians manipulate the specific metal locations to the appropriate height using paintless dent repair gadgets. The technicians can also use a reflection board to visualize the deformation of the dent. This ensures perfect results because the technician can easily read the fine details of the process.

Best Time To Seek Auto Paintless Dent Repair Service

Motor car accidents that cause dents on the car may need an auto paintless dent removal procedure. Small dings that cause a bad appearance on your car, weather-related issues, swinging gates, branches and stones constantly hitting your car will also make you qualified for auto paintless dent removal service. Don't hesitate to visit us if you experience any of these problems.

Reasons To Come to Pronto Body Shop for Auto Paintless Dent Removal Service

At Pronto Body Shop, we understand the value of our clients and, therefore, aim to satisfy your needs fully by giving you the best auto paintless dent removal solutions in El Paso! We employ skilled and experienced technicians who confidently and precisely remove the dents, making your motor vehicle look amazing again. Our many years of serving clients have given us the unique understanding of the best practices regarding auto paintless dent removal, achieving results.

Your satisfaction is our main objective. That's why we work tirelessly to meet your expectations at unbelievable prices. We have sufficient tools and the latest equipment to work thoroughly on your dented car so that every dent, including the ones on mirrors, are well fixed. Our focus is to offer quality auto paintless dent repair solutions to our clients.

You Have Many Options But Only One Auto Body Shop Will Meet Your Needs

Auto paintless dent removal is the trending and latest practice of fixing dents on motor vehicles given its efficiency. You do not need to wait for hours to have minor dents in your car fixed. Our technicians are fast enough and they always deliver quality results on time. Our service is well planned and detailed; you'll leave feeling like you just bought a brand new car!

Request a Free Estimate Today

Ready to experience our quality service? You can request an estimate today by emailing us a picture of your dents to estimates@prontobodyshop.com, shoot us a text message at 915 533-0912. For a detailed estimate, come by our shop so we can examine your car in person. We look forward to serving you!

Professional and Reliable Auto Bumper Repair Services in El Paso


When you're involved in an accident, one of the first parts of your car or truck to be damaged is its bumper. Not surprising when you consider that bumpers are designed to protect your vehicle's structure. Whether your bumper was partially or fully damaged, the expert technicians at Pronto Body Shop in El Paso are ready to serve your needs! Our team specializes in bumper repair services for vehicles in any condition or material. We can fix the damaged bumper rather than replacing it, saving you a huge amount of money in the process.

Bumper Repair Process

Bumpers are generally made from thermoplastics that are created by melting many small plastic pellets and then that melted plastic is turned into a mold. After the mold is cooled, the bumper is removed and then goes off to be manufactured. Considering how flexible thermoplastic is, it’s often recycled into new bumpers. Some bumpers are made by injecting two kinds of polymer materials together to create a mold. These semi-rigid bumpers are more durable but when damaged require an expert to properly repair them.

Depending on your bumper’s damage or the material it’s composed of, we can perform the following bumper repair services:

  • Bumper Dent Removal– Dents on bumpers can be especially difficult to remove. Our technicians will make sure all dents are smoothed out and corrected.
  • Bumper Repainting– Once all dents are smoothed out, we’ll begin repainting the bumper to match the rest of your vehicle ensuring the finishing touches look brand new.
  • Bumper Transfer Removal– The majority of damaged bumpers require the removal of paint. Paint removal is typically a quick process but we take our time to make sure the paint stays off for good.
  • Plastic Fillers– By using high-quality plastic fillers, no holes will be left on the bumper. We will smooth and repaint the surface.
  • Bumper Replacement– If your bumper is gouged or dilapidated beyond repair, we can find replacements to fully match the make and model of your vehicle. If we’re not able to fix it in-house, we’ll recommend you to another auto shop who we trust and know to provide quality service.

Experience Our Excellent Customer Service

At Pronto Body Shop, we realize that anything related to auto collision repairs is just about the last thing you want to be dealing with. For that reason, we make the process as smooth and quick as possible without ever sacrificing quality service. It's our mission to be El Paso's most dependable body shop. Excellent customer service is just one of the many ways we prove our commitment. Contact us today at 915-533-0912!