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Cars and Love: How Love Led Way to Some of the Best Vehicles

From naming your beloved truck to spending countless hours inside your car carrying on in one-way conversations, the relationship we have with our vehicles is certainly meaningful. So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d bring you three love stories that embody the true meaning of love.

1. Americans and the 1966 Ford Mustang

There’s a Ford Mustang then there’s the 1966 Ford Mustang. Americans were smitten with this model since day one! And the numbers really show for it. In its first year of production, the 1966 Mustang accounted for 417,000 of Ford’s sales. It’s been reported that during this time, a 1966 convertible Ford Mustang retailed for $2,600! Other new vehicles at the time retailed for $2,700 so it was priced just about right. Today you can find a 1966 Ford Mustang for upwards of 50 grand, that is of course for ones that have been restored to mint condition.

2. The 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

The name of this vehicle says it all. The Romeo Giulietta was named after Shakespeare’s unforgettable, constantly referenced play Romeo and Juliet. And though it was a story of tragedy, we tend to hang on to the aspect of young love and desire. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider gives homage to the two main characters. Giulietta is Italian for Juliet. Although only 14,300 Spiders were produced, the model was often used in movies that were produced in the 1960s.

3. Herbie: The Love Bug

Although this is a fictional story, it exemplifies the humanistic features we tend to give our beloved vehicles. Disney’s 1968 movie The Love Bug was inspired by the book Car, Boy, Girl by Gordon Buford, which is impossible to find since it’s rumored that the author may have directly submitted the book to Disney. The adaptation featured a Volkswagen Beetle after numerous other cars auditioned for the role. Herbie comes to life when racecar driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) finds the then-sad little car parked outside his home after seeing it in a showroom. Jim quickly learns that Herbie is more than just a car and the love stems from there on.  

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Do you have a love story of your own? Whether the memories of your Betty the Boat or Mad Max are something that brings back feelings of nostalgia for the days when you were taking your now wife out on dates or hauling to a job that didn’t pay much but got you by, cars have the ability to serve a greater purpose beyond a means of transportation.

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