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Ask about our collision repair services in El Paso, TX

If your vehicle was damaged in an accident, don't have it towed to an underqualified collision repair shop in El Paso, TX. Instead, trust the experts at Pronto Body Shop to work on your car. We're fully equipped to work on most makes and models of vehicles.

Why should you choose us? Our collision repair process is simple. When you bring your car to our shop, you can trust us to:

  • Give you an estimated repair cost and an estimated timeline for completion
  • Work with your insurance company to help you get the compensation you deserve
  • Order any new parts your vehicle might need
  • Complete all structural repairs your car needs
  • Run your vehicle through rigorous safety checks
  • Paint and refinish your vehicle
Once we're done, your car will look as good as the day you drove it off the lot. For more details about our collision repair services, call us now at 915-533-0912. You can also contact us after hours at 915-691-9442.

Providing You With Professional and Reliable Service

Auto Repair Shop in El Paso

Fun Facts About Pronto Body Shop

  • Best auto collision repair shop in the Southwest.
  • Experience the difference from our top performing technicians.
  • Our company is highly reviewed by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  • As a local auto shop, we're proud to serve our community.
  • We can have your car towed to our shop, even if you're located on the west side of town!
  • We've received excellent customer reviews including, "Truly amazing service and customer satisfaction" and "I highly recommend them to any of my friends and family."
  • Our quotes are based on the full assessment of the work your vehicle needs.
  • For a free estimate, fill out our form today!
  • We provide a FIVE YEAR warranty on all paint jobs and a LIFETIME warranty on all auto collision repair services.
  • For rates, send us your pictures to or come see us today.
  • Our auto body repair shop specializes in the full restoration of your vehicle.
  • We're pleased to offer concierge services; our philosophy is "Make your vehicle repair as hassle-free as possible."
  • We're essentially open 24/7 and can have your car towed to our shop any time of day.
  • Our shop is a woman and minority-owned business.
  • We make auto collision repair as seamless as possible!
  • Our shop is located nearby the El Paso Zoo and Southwest University Park.
  • Following an accident, give us a call to avoid having your car towed just anywhere!

We Don't Only Repair Your Car, We Restore It!

As an auto body repair shop with more than 40 years of experience, we've become experts at fully restoring vehicles. Auto restoration services offered by Pronto Body Shop of El Paso guarantees against any type of defects in workmanship. These services include the exterior, interior parts, assembly, and disassembly of the whole vehicle. We provide mechanical repairs for vehicles who have been damaged in an accident.

The technicians at Pronto Body Shop in El Paso are skilled, motivated and enthusiastic about their craft. They ensure the paints employed work against primer adhesion problems, loss of glossiness, and peeling off. We can also shelter your car against environmental problems that affect proper curing.

Customer Satisfaction is Key

We believe in patience and quality as being the key ingredients to attracting and retaining loyal customers. On top of unmatched quality, Pronto Body Shop also offers fair prices on the services offered.

Our previous customers could not hide their excitement at the kind of experience they received at our shop. They described appreciating our professional staff and most importantly, being provided quality service.

What to do Following an Accident When it Comes to Your Vehicle

Following an accident, if you are capable, please give us a call. We will make arrangements to open our shop no matter what time of day it is! Let the towing company know you wish to have your vehicle towed to Pronto Body Shop. Our manager will make accommodations to begin the process of servicing your vehicle.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle is Salvageable

According to Texas regulations, your vehicle is considered a salvage or total loss if it's damaged and/or missing a major component part and the cost of repair, excluding painting, are greater than the vehicle's cash value before the damage took place. In severe accidents, a vehicle's state can be to the point where it has no cash value and can only be used for its metal or other individual parts. When this occurs, a vehicle is labeled as "nonrepairable." Your auto insurance will generally determine if your vehicle meets the criteria of a non-repairable or salvageable vehicle.

Depending on the characteristics of your vehicle, you could be eligible to apply for a non-repairable or salvage title. In Texas, you must apply for a salvage title BEFORE the 31st day of the date the damage took place. Once you have the title, you can sell the salvage vehicle to a salvage dealer or rebuild it and retitle it so that it's safe to drive on the road.

Our Process is Seamless and Transparent

At Pronto Body Shop, our number one goal is to provide you with outstanding customer service. In doing so, we also make the process of servicing your vehicle as smooth and efficient as possible.

Here’s what our collision process entails:
  1. Contact Pronto Body Shop. Fill out a form or email us the details of your damage. We’ll offer you upfront advice. You’ll want to review your insurance policy.
  2. Receive an Estimate. Based on the extent of the damage, we’ll create an estimate. Depending on your damage, insurance policy, and age of your vehicle, we will let you know whether it’s best to file a claim or pay for the repairs yourself.
  3. Take Advantage of Our Concierge Service. As part of our commitment in making the auto collision repair process simple, you can send us your claim number and we’ll take care of the rest!
  4. Dealing With Your Insurance. Some insurance companies will put pressure on you to go with their recommended auto body shop. Remember — it’s your right to choose a body shop. There is no obligation to go with their recommend shop even if they make you feel like there is.
  5. Approval from Insurance. Once you provide us with your claim number and the estimate is approved, we will begin repairing your car. Your insurance company should also let you know if you qualify for a rental car. Generally, if your car is not driveable, you should receive a rental quickly.
  6. Your Vehicle is in Our Shop and Parts are Ordered. If your vehicle hasn’t already been dropped off at our shop, we can make arrangements to pick it up.
  7. Estimated Timeline is Provided. Based on the time the parts arrive and the amount of work needed, we will give you an estimated timeline of when your vehicle will be ready. We work quickly so you can expect to have your vehicle prepared within a few days.
  8. Updates. If we discover any additional work, we’ll inform you and provide a supplement request to your insurance. You’ll be completely in the loop at every point. We’ll either text or call you to let you know the progress of your vehicle.
  9. Structural and Body Repairs. Our role as your auto body repair shop is to make sure your vehicle meets your manufacturer’s requirements. As our technicians perform the required structural and body repairs, we’ll be closely following your factory’s specifications.
  10. Safety Check. Additional safety measures are taken to ensure your vehicle is fully and safely functioning. Our quality control checks are designed to measure your vehicle’s operation.
  11. Paint and Mask. The next steps include masking your car and applying primer. The end result will be smooth and in brand-new condition.
  12. Refinishing. Our technicians are trained to match the color of your vehicle and will leave it with a quality finish. Additionally, we offer a five year guarantee on all paint jobs.
  13. Alignment and Reassembly. Any parts that were removed for the refinish process will be added back on. This may also include replacing your tires and/or rotating them.
  14. Quality Control. One final safety test will be performed. We’ll test drive your vehicle and double check that it’s completely ready for you.
  15. Your Vehicle Passes the Quality Control and is Ready for You! As soon as your vehicle is ready, we’ll contact you. We can make accommodations to pick you up or have the vehicle dropped off at your desired location.
  16. Post Auto Restoration. After the auto restoration services are complete, customers are advised to wash their vehicles using a soft cloth or do a brushless type car wash. You are advised against using wax, especially during curing.

Breathe new life into your old car

Want to add new life to your old car? Pronto Body Shop does more than just collision repair. Bring your vehicle to our auto body repair shop in El Paso, TX today to see what we can do for your car. For years, vehicle owners have trusted us for everything from paint jobs to seat cover upgrades. No matter what type of car you drive, you can depend on us to have it looking like new in no time.

Contact Pronto Body Shop today to learn more about our auto body repair services.

Request an Auto Collision Repair Estimate

There are many ways you can request an estimate. You can fill out our form today, email us your pictures at, shoot us a text message at 915 533-0912, or come by our shop! Additionally, we accept appointments on Sundays. Pronto Body Shop is flexible. Allow us to accommodate your needs!