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Backside of new silver car get damaged by accident

Dent Removal Service: The History Behind the Technique and Its Evolution

There are approximately 10 million car accidents each year in this country from small fender benders to severe car pileups in highways. The various road construction projects in El Paso have certainly augmented the sense that traffic is worsening and more and more people are traveling the roads everyday. This leads to a lot more minor accidents, fender benders, and damaged vehicles. Damage to your vehicle can also come through small incidents like hail and other objects. Professional dent removal is an important part of what we do here at Pronto Auto Shop.

The Odds

Most people will encounter some damage to their car — whether it is from hail storms or a minor collision. According to Forbes magazine, if you start driving a car when you’re 16 you will likely experience a crash by the time you’re 34. In a city like El Paso, where driving is a necessity, we know this all too well. Many El Pasoans have long commutes to work via major highways and roads.

The History of Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a powerful technique to remove dents on a variety of vehicles. This technique began early on in factory days when cars suffered minor bends in the assembly line and had to be repaired.  Laborers worked out a technique that was fast and could repair exterior quickly. The method works from the inside out, by pushing out the bent metal. The technique was used early on in the Mercedes Benz factories in Germany, where technicians used spoons to smooth out small dents. From here the process has evolved with special tools and methods that repair damage without traces to the original paint.

Its Evolution

As modern cars developed and thinner steel sheet began to be used in most cars, the tools have changed to adapt. There are now a variety of aluminium tools and accessories that help in hard to reach areas behind dents and allow technicians to work on different types. The use of fluorescent lights is also an important part of the evolution of this technique. Lights are used as a way to pinpoint dents and observe the severity, angle, and shape. Paintless dent removal is a specialized skill that only trained and knowledgeable technicians offer. Yet, because of the prevalence of minor damage to cars, it is in high demand.

How Dents Affect Your Car

Whether you’ve had a minor fender bender or a more serious collision, you might wonder whether it’s necessary to get this damage repaired if it doesn’t affect the driving. Any damage not only ruins the aesthetic appeal of your car, but significantly lowers the value and make it difficult to sell when it comes time to part ways.

Dent Repair with Pronto

Our service is not only fast and efficient, but it gets the job done with utmost care and quality. No one likes to be in a collision situation, but when it happens you want to return to normal pronto! Get fast and quick repair with Pronto Auto Shop today.

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