HOW TO: Take Care of Your Car's Paint

Everyone loves a sparkling paint job on the body of the car. But in order for your car to retain its shine long after it leaves the auto body shop, it must be taken care of just like the rest of the vehicle.  

Follow these tips and your car will stay looking new for miles down the road.

1. Wash regularly
Regularly washing your car is perhaps the best way to protect the paint job. Use a high-quality automotive soap and apply it with a foam sponge using straight lines, not circular motions. Rinse with clean water.

Drying your car after a wash is vital to taking care of the paint job. Allowing the car to air dry leaves behind minerals from the water, which can be harmful to the paint. Dry your car with a microfiber towel. Bathroom towels, paper towels, and rags can leave behind tiny scratches that over time cause paint to erode.

2. Wax
Wax provides a protective seal on top of the paint that guards against dirt, dust, pollution, water, and other harmful substances. Wax can also cover up small scratches and other minor blemishes.    

Wax your car every few months using the recommended techniques.

3. Keep it out of the sun
Ultraviolet rays from the sun are not only dangerous for your skin, but also for your car’s paint job. Sunlight can oxidize and fade the paint on your car, making it look much older than it actually is.

Whenever possible, park your car in the shade or under a covered space. This will add years to the life of your paint job.

4. Use synthetic coating
Synthetic coating, or paint sealant, is an alternative to wax that bonds and permeates to the pores of your car’s paint to form a protective seal. Synthetic coating lasts longer than wax and can be applied just as easily.

5. Get help from an auto body shop
Go the extra mile for the protection of your car’s exterior by leaning on the professionals at the Pronto Body Shop. Our auto body services take care of the dings, dents, and other cosmetic damage to restore your car back to its original look. We can even give your car a whole new custom paint job. Schedule an appointment or just stop by to see how we can put the sparkle back in your ride.