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If your law firm works with Personal Injury Auto Insurance Claims then this is the short one hour interactive class that everyone in your office needs to attend. 

We understand that you are experts in dealing with the Auto Insurance Companies on the Personal Injury side of a claim, but how are you and your staff in dealing with the Property Damage side of that Auto Collision Claim?  At Pronto Body Shop we understand that your bread and butter is made on the Injury side of an Auto Collision Claim but you still are obliged to help Clients with the Collision portion of the claim and this is where we can help you. 

Ms. Tiffany Menefee, an Industry Expert, will come into your office and not only provide a delicious lunch for your team but teach an interactive class and give you and your staff the tools and knowledge you need to advise your customers correctly on the Auto Property Damage side of claims.  Show your Clients the value of doing business with your Firm by not only helping them through the Injury side of an Auto Collision claim but through the Vehicle Repair side of the claim as well.

Property & Casualty Insurance Continuing Education

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