Paint Services at Pronto

To fully repair a vehicle from a wreck or accident we paint any affected panels to match your car’s color exactly. 

At Pronto Body Shop, we are proud to use the prestigious European paint line Sikkens by AkzoNobel. These paint and coating products offer excellent color matches and a wide range of up-to-date color formulations. Since we offer both auto painting and auto repairing, we not only paint your vehicle but transform it to brand-new condition.

With any paint repair (no matter how small), we go through a specific paint process to ensure the paint repair is the highest quality. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on ALL paint services. 

Our Painting Process
Depending on your request, each auto paint job will look different and have a designated timeline. We complete all paint jobs on-site so you won't have to worry about having your vehicle removed from our shop. We also provide refinishing, which guarantees your vehicle will be thoroughly finished, smoothed, and free of any rust.

Painting Step-by-Step

  • We carefully prep your panels to be refinished.
  • We apply high-quality primer and sealant where needed.
  • We cover your vehicle or panel with precisely mixed colors.
  • We reinforce it with a clear polyurethane coat.
  • We polish for an attractive, glossy finish.

Color Matching
Using the AkzoNobel line of paint, we can pinpoint the specific paint color makeup for your vehicle to match it as best we can. 

We mix our paint colors in-house using a combination of color codes from the manufacturer along with digital color matching technology to verify we have the best paint match before we use the color on your vehicle. 

To ensure the paint repair blends perfectly with your car’s body, we always blend the color out 12-24 inches around the affected area. 

Clear Coat
To top off the perfect shade of paint, we use a high gloss clear coat to protect the base coat from the sun and ultraviolet rays that can cause the car paint to fade. Clear Coat finishes are also harder and more resistant to oxidation. 

With our system and attention to detail, your car will look as good as new or better. And we back our paint repairs with a limited lifetime warranty so it will look great for years to come. For tips on how to best care for your car’s paint, check out HOW TO: TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAR'S PAINT