Protecting Your Car During the Summer

With constant exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, and the occasional hail storm, summer weather can be rough on your car’s exterior. Here are some simple tips to maintain the look and quality of your car for as long as possible.

Protect Your Car From the Elements

Head for cover
The best way to protect your car from the elements is to store it in a garage. A garage provides a sanctuary away from all the elements, including sunlight, freezing temperatures, heavy rain, debris, and hail. 

While a garage is ideal, not everyone has that luxury. The next best option is to seek out a suitable cover for the car from sunlight, tree foliage, and heavy rain. If you've dealt with hail damage in the past, a cover specifically designed to prevent hail damage could save you hundreds of dollars over the years. 

Wash, wax, repeat
Dirt, grime, and debris are not good for your paint. The easiest way to maintain your car’s exterior is to wash it using soap that is free of detergents because those can remove the protective wax layer or even cause staining to your vehicle. Always opt for the wax treatment after getting your car washed. Wax is your first line of defense when protecting your vehicle’s paint. 

Avoid unnecessary exposure
When out and about, try to park your car in a location where there is minimal opportunity for damage. Whenever possible, seek out a parking garage or covered parking deck in case the weather turns south while you’re shopping. 

Seek out shade but avoid parking under trees, which could either cover your car in sap, debris, and bird droppings or cause damage from a fallen limb. If you experience a hail storm while you’re driving, seek shelter immediately. Look for a parking garage or return home if possible. 

Pronto Can Help: If you have any issues like broken paint, a cracked windshield, or dents, contact Pronto Body Shop as soon as possible to avoid further damage.