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Bring your car in to have our team assess your dents.

Dents can be caused by accidents, hailstorms, or even parking mistakes. In many instances, you might not give your dents a second thought, but some dents can do more damage than you might realize. Consider the situations below when determining if you need dent repair, and then call our team at Pronto Body Shop to get the care your vehicle needs.

Dent Repair in Anthony, New Mexico

  1. Damage to the paint-Dents can sometimes cause damage to the paint, like chips or scratches. If a dent has caused the paint to chip or crack, call our team to learn more about our dent repair services. If you leave the damaged paint uncovered, it can lead to rust and corrosion.
  2. Creases or sharp edges-Some dents can cause creases or sharp edges along the damaged area. These dents are usually harder to fix, so working with a reliable team is crucial to ensure the job is done right.
  3. Uneven body panels-If a panel sticks out or doesn’t align with the others, it’s probably because of a dent. Misaligned parts not only make your car look bad, but they may also affect how it works. Talk with our team about dent repair if you notice this issue.
  4. Problems opening or closing the doors-Dents near the door sides or frames can make it hard to open or close the doors of your car. Ignoring this problem could hurt the door system or hinges even more. Don’t hesitate. Call our team to see if dent repair is right for you.
  5. Personal preference-Even if a dent doesn’t affect how your car works or how much it’s worth, you may still choose to have it fixed anyway. Many car owners take pride in keeping their cars in perfect shape and want to fix any problems, like dents, as soon as possible.

It’s best to call a professional team when dents happen. Our skilled technicians can assess your dents and offer dent repair using specialized tools. If you’re in the Anthony, New Mexico area, contact us for dent repair.

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