3 Reasons to Get Vehicle Paint Touch-Ups [Infographic]

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In our experience here at Pronto Body Shop, some people are extremely protective of their cars and will bring them into our shop whenever they get even the tiniest scratch, while other people view damaged paint as a purely cosmetic issue and won’t bother getting it restored at all. Although we understand why you might view your car’s paint job as a minor concern, we want you to know that it does serve a functional purpose, so you should take steps to keep it in good condition. In this article, we’ll go over three reasons why you should get vehicle paint touch-ups.

3 Reasons to Get Vehicle Paint Touch-Ups

  1. Mask Damage – The first reason to get vehicle paint touch-ups is, as you might expect, to cover up the damage and thus keep your car looking great. Our team is passionate about cars, and you can count on us to make your vehicle look like new.
  2. Prevent Rust – The second, more important reason to schedule vehicle paint touch-ups when your car gets scratched is to prevent rust. If you leave the bare metal of your car’s body panels exposed to the elements, it will start to rust, and the rust can then spread. Getting your paint touched up right away will restore the waterproof barrier that protects your car and prevent it from rusting.
  3. Avoid the Need to Repaint – Lastly, by getting your vehicle’s paint touched up as soon as possible, you can avoid having to get a full new paint job. Leaving exposed scratches on your car can also cause the paint to chip over time, resulting in larger bare patches, but a timely paint touch-up will halt this process in its tracks.\

 Reasons to Get Vehicle Paint Touch-Ups