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Let us fix your auto glass so you can see clearly again while you drive.

It’s no secret that glass is very delicate, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if your auto glass gets damaged in an accident or because of extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s your windshield, mirrors, or headlights that have taken the hit, the damage can impair your vision. It’s important to get auto glass repair as soon as possible before you take your car on the road again, and we’re the body shop to provide it for you. At Pronto Body Shop, we have been in business for over 40 years. We have extensive experience in many kinds of repairs, including auto glass repair, so you can rely on us for excellent workmanship.

Auto Glass Repair in El Paso, Texas

We will take a close look at your broken auto glass so we can determine how severe the problem is and what steps we need to take to correct it. When it’s time to begin work on your car, we’ll remove the broken glass carefully and install the new glass with just as much attention to detail, using the best techniques and tools to ensure no problems will arise in the future. In every case, we will always provide thorough auto glass repair since it’s your safety at stake as opposed to aesthetics.

We are proud to have served the El Paso, Texas community for so many years. We strive to go above and beyond when we provide auto glass repair or other services, so you can turn to us for advice about your insurance claims, answers to your questions about auto glass repair, and timely service. Contact us today if you need auto glass repair for your car.