Four Clues Your Car Needs Headlight Repair

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Your car’s headlights are an essential safety feature that contribute an invaluable amount when you’re driving in dark or low-visibility conditions. Like many other parts of your car, your headlights will require occasional maintenance and repair and exhibit telltale signs that indicate they’re due for some upkeep.

Four Clues Your Car Needs Headlight Repair

Here are four signs that your car is due for a headlight repair:

  1. Flickering: There are several problems that can explain headlights that randomly flicker on and off from time to time. This type of concern can be due to a car battery that’s dying, a broken or old bulb filament, a bad connection, or another type of malfunction. Eventually, your headlights will likely burn out, so having an auto body shop diagnose and fix the issue promptly is recommended.
  2. One headlight out: If one of your headlights has burned out, you’ll want to have both headlights replaced because the bulbs on both sides have similar lifespans and the other one will likely go out soon after the other.
  3. Too dim: If you notice that the brightness of your headlights has decreased and it is impacting your ability to see the road, you’ll want to look into getting a headlight repair.
  4. Yellow or discolored: Wear and tear and exposure to the elements can cause headlights to change color over time. If this makes it harder for you to see when it’s dark, foggy, or stormy outside, it might be best to schedule a headlight repair.

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