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Receive a Credible Collision Repair Estimate From Our In-House Insurance Specialist

Having a trusted and friendly in-house insurance specialist and advocate is one aspect that sets Pronto Body Shop apart. Tiffany Menefee is a licensed insurance adjuster with over six years of experience and a licensed insurance adjuster for over fifteen years. Ms. Menefee’s extensive background as an insurance specialist in the auto industry means your vehicle will be well taken care of!

Dealing with an auto insurance company can be tough. For one, you can’t be certain if their recommended body shop is truly the best to do business with. Moreover, their adjusters may not discover the full scope of the damage, leaving you with issues down the road.

Collision Repair Estimates

Pronto Body Shop understands how stressful car accidents can be, which is why it’s our goal to make the entire process as easy as possible, allowing you to get back to your already-busy life. Our in-house insurance specialist and advocate is committed to resolving your claim efficiently while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Our estimates include providing you with a free estimate, helping you report your claim, and keeping you steer clear of any potential fraudulent information. One rule of advice we share with all customers, whether they have their vehicle serviced with us or not, is that the “three estimates” rule is a myth! You should also go with a body shop who makes you feel confident about the insurance claim process.

We’re Honest With Our Customers

Even if you decide to have your vehicle taken elsewhere, we’ll ensure you have the necessary upfront information. On a daily basis, Ms. Menefee provides valuable insight into collision repairs and how to deal with insurance companies. In addition to providing tips, tricks, and free professional advice, we provide collision repair estimates that cover the amount of work that needs to be done, guaranteeing your car or truck will be restored to brand new condition.

Since we place customer service in a high regard, you can be confident in our honest advice, meaning we’ll never take advantage of your business. One of Ms. Menefee’s passions is to educate customers. So if you’re looking for free, professional, and 100% honest advice, come to Pronto Body Shop in El Paso.

Benefits of Our In-House Insurance Specialist

Receiving fair and professional advice from an insurance advocate is one of the many ways we serve our customers. Having the confidence to navigate your insurance claim is why our in-house insurance specialist is passionate about her ability to assist you.

The benefit of working with our in-house insurance specialist includes:
  • Expert advice in collision repair estimates and claims
  • Knowledgeable insight into your insurance coverage
  • Free and reliable insurance assistance
  • Over 15 years of experience in the insurance industry

Contact Pronto Body Shop Today

For all of your auto insurance questions, give us a call! Our on-site insurance advocate will walk you through the entire insurance process. Additionally, you can take advantage of our concierge services and let us handle all of the legwork for you. We’re flexible and do our best to accommodate your needs. Let us know how we can help today by giving us a call at 915-533-0912.