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Over the years, we have helped many vehicle owners with our professional hail damage services.

A hailstorm can hit out of nowhere, often leaving damage in its wake. Unfortunately, hailstones can cause dents and dings in vehicles, causing them to look much less appealing. If your car has sustained hail damage, you can count on our technicians at Pronto Body Shop to repair it. We’re experts in a range of auto body repairs, including resolving the problems that occur as the result of a violent hailstorm. Over the years, we have been serving the Anthony, New Mexico area, and we have helped many vehicle owners with our professional hail damage services.

Hail Damage in Anthony, New Mexico

Although hail starts similarly to rain, with ice crystals forming in the atmosphere, raindrops melt before reaching the earth. By contrast, hailstones don’t melt, causing these ice drops to hit whatever is in their path. Since they can range widely in size, some are much more damaging than others. But no matter the extent of the hail damage to your vehicle, you can trust that we’ll resolve it. We have the equipment and experience needed to handle any type of hail damage that may have impacted your car’s exterior or glass.

We also work closely with auto insurance companies to determine what will be covered and provide you with an idea of what to expect. Hail is quite common in this area, so we are experienced in providing this service to our clients. If you have any questions or need to get an estimate for hail damage repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or stop by our location.

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